Rich and Skinny Wrap - Wrap your way to a better body with The Skinny Wrap Team!

How To Apply a Rich and Skinny WrapChoose your trouble area Measure it and Wrap it. 
(use a Sewing tape measure and document your measurements)

How do I apply the Skinny Wrap to my body?
The body toning wrap is sealed, pre-treated. Open it and smooth it over your skin. Rest with the wrap in place, or simply hold in onto your body with everyday plastic wrap or an ace bandage. (Make it convenient for yourself with the plastic wrap)

While you are wrapped we ask that you drink plenty of water. (about half your body weight in ounces) Water is key to getting optimal results.  This is NOT water weight loss. The more water you drink the slimmer and better your body toning result will be.
Remove the wrap after a minimum of 45 minutes and rub the remaining ingredients into your skin. Remeasure the area and document. It will continue to work on the skin for 72 hours. Keep drinking water the next 2 days, measuring day 2 and day 3. 
You can wrap as soon as the fourth day. They come in a box of 4 which is considered a full treatment.

What to Expect the First Time you Wrap Rich and Skinny Wrap

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This is Simple. No Mess. No washing anything off or cleaning anything up. Dispose the wrap. You just found the EASY button for getting Skinny! 

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Whatever your goal is the Skinny Wrap Team can help you Look Great and Feel Better!!